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Help and advice on shopping for: PLL UV Bulbs (4 Pin)

The fight against algae blooms

PLL UV 4 pin replacement bulbs work with a variety of clarifiers, filters and pumps to cleanse water of algae cells. At Swell UK, we provide a range of PLL bulbs for use with a wide spectrum of manufacturers. Competitively priced with a buy one get one free offer, you can be sure of a healthy pond all the way through spring-summer.

What are PLL UV 4 pin bulbs?

Suitable for pond filters, clarifiers and pond equipment, PLL UV 4 pin bulbs improve water health and clarity. These single-ended bulbs have four pins on one end which connects to the unit. Available in four wattages from18 to 55W, these UV bulbs keep pond water clean from unwanted algae and plant waste.

Why should I buy a PLL UV 4 pin bulb?

If you're prepping your pond for the warmer months, a PLL UV 4 pin bulb will be extremely beneficial to your pond health. Ultraviolet light binds together algae cells for easy filtration and removal. Left unchecked, algae can cause thick, murky water that starves fish and plants of oxygen, light and nutrients. Our own brand UV bulbs ensure that your pond looks great all summer long.

What are the main types of PLL UV 4 pin bulbs?

de to the highest standard, our range of 4 pin bulbs all come with 4 single pins. The biggest difference between them is power. Ranging from 18 to 55W, they all offer a long service life.

What features should you look out for when buying a PLL UV 4 pin bulb?

When setting up your UV clarifier, be sure to check that our PLL UV 4 pin bulbs are compatible with your unit or UV device. You can check which bulb you'll need over on our UV bulbs page.

What accessories should I buy with a PLL UV 4 pin bulb?

When it comes to UV bulbs, we recommend protecting them from water with a compatible quartz sleeve. For more guidance on what quartz sleeve will be right for your bulb check out our range of leading brands including Oase, TCM and Swell own brand.