Koi Pond Fish Food

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Koi Pond Fish Food Help and Advice

Enjoy your koi

Koi are among the most popular fish for fishkeeping due to the friendly nature of the species, beautiful colours and patterns. At Swell UK we carry great flavours of koi pond fish food that contain a balanced source of nutrition, which is essential to the growth of your koi.

What is koi pond fish food?

Koi pond fish food is specifically developed for the needs of koi and ghost carp, but can be safely consumed by other fish species, including orfe, goldfish, tench, and rudd. It's designed to keep koi healthy and well-nourished, without creating too much waste, and to enhance the bright colours of the fish.

Why should I buy koi pond fish food?

Feeding your koi a specialist koi food can mean they grow better and develop better colours and shapes than when fed on regular pond fish foods. All modern pond fish foods contain the right balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre to keep fish healthy, but koi foods often include specialist colour enhancers that help bring out the markings of the fish so they look as good as possible. Most koi owners change their fish's diet during the winter months, and many feed additional treats - often by hand.

What are the main types of koi pond fish food?

Koi foods come in two main forms: sticks and pellets. Which you choose is really just personal preference - they both work well and your fish will be happy with either. Most koi keepers offer a "staple" food to their koi, which is a cheaper, all year round food with basic features. However, to get the very best colours, specialists will opt for a colour-enhancing food rich in natural pigments such as carotene, which both improve the colour and health of fish. There are also specialist health foods available containing things like garlic and clay that some experts swear by.

What should I look for?

The main thing to look out for is the size of the pellet or stick you're offering. This needs to be considered carefully and matched to the current size of your fish. As your koi get larger, you'll want to increase the size of the food you offer to cut down on waste that can pollute the water. If you want to develop the colours of your fish, then we highly recommend the specialist colour enhancing foods, which can have striking results when fed regularly.