Kockney Koi Bombay Mix

A complete, balanced pond fish food

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  • High protein pond fish food for growing Koi
  • Blend of pellets and sticks of different sizes
  • Added spirulina and vitamin C
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Kockney Koi Bombay Mix is a delicious and nutritious blend of pellets and sticks of different sizes that makes for a complete, balanced pond fish food. A complete food for all sizes of pond fish, Bombay Mix consists of a blend of sticks and pellets from 2mm to 16mm. It is ideal for ponds with a mixture of sizes and types of fish. It is designed to encourage healthy growth and bring out the best in your fish. It has added vitamin C to improve your fish's immune system. Fish simply love it!

With a high protein content of around 26%, this food promotes healthy growth and development in Koi and all pond fish. Added spirulina will bring out the beautiful colours of fish. Added vitamin C will boost the immune system and boost resistance to infections and diseases.

The floating sticks are great for easy feeding. You can see how much has been eaten and easily remove any excess after a few minutes. This superb product is available in four convenient carry home sizes (5kg & 10kg bucket).

Key Features:

  • Blend of pellets and sticks of different sizes
  • Added Spirulina for enhanced nutrition and colours
  • Vitamin C to boost the immune system
  • Floating sticks and pellets from 2mm to 16mm
  • Bulk packs to save money

Typical analysis:

  • Protein 26%
  • Oil 5%
  • Fibre 3%
  • Ash 8%
  • Vitamin A 5000 iu / kg
  • Vitamin D3 500iu / kg
  • Vitamin E 100mg / kg

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