Swell Koi Mixed Worms

A high protein treat for your Koi carp

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  • Mixed worm food for Koi
  • 50% dried mealworms and 50% silkworm pupae
  • Available in different sizes
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Swell Koi Mixed Worms, made up of half dried mealworms and half silkworm pupae, are a high protein treat for your koi carp. Silkworm is a recognised high energy and high protein food that is easily digested with little waste.

They can also be fed to other pond fish, to boost colours and vitality and overall health. We recommend that this is offered as a treat food as part of a complete diet. A wholly natural food, with no added colours, preservatives or flavourings, you can be confident that your fish will be beautifully healthy all year round.

Only feed once per day, alongside a healthy diet.


Typical analysis

Protein 53%, fat 25%, fibre 1.8%, ash 1.8%.


  • Dried mealworms 50%
  • Silkworm pupae 50%
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