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Pond Buffer Treatments

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Help and advice on shopping for: Pond Buffer Treatments

Balance pond PH and promote fish health

A rise or drop in the pH level can cause fish stress and ultimately infection or disease. So it's vital to keep these levels stable with the addition of a good buffer treatment. We carry a wide range of products from top brands such as Oase and Tetra, so you can be sure that your pond is in the best hands.

What are pond buffer treatments?

Buffer treatments are designed to increase the hardness of your water, altering the pH and increasing the volume of carbonates in the water. pH is key to the health of your pond as both an acidic or alkaline pH can be deadly to pondlife, while the number of carbonates in the water can improve the efficacy of water filtering bugs and bacteria.

Why should I buy pond buffer treatments?

Pond buffer treatments stabilise the pH in your pond to ensure that your fish and plants are kept healthy instead of becoming damaged by acidic or alkali pond water. By supporting filtering bugs and bacteria you are promoting the stabilisation of pH going forward as well, so you won't have to buy another pond buffer treatment for a few years at a time.

What are the main types of pond buffer treatments?

Pond buffer all works the same way but each manufacturer uses a slightly different formula, for best results it might be worth trying different pond buffer treatments.

What features should you look out for?

Check that the pond buffer treatments you're buying come with enough treatment for your entire pond, large pond owners may find that they need to buy several of a product to treat their entire pond.