Aqua Source Aqua Balance GH and KH Buffer Up

Stabilise pH levels and maintain a healthy environment for your fish

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  • GH and KH pond buffer
  • Balances the minerals and carbonate hardness of your pond
  • Available in 1kg, 2kg and 4kg tubs
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KH is a measurement for the carbonate hardness in the water, this is critical for a stable pH. Filter bugs need carbonates to function efficiently but when KH is too low, the pH can fluctuate and even crash, causing serious problems with the fish. A KH around 5 is desirable for almost all pond fish.

GH is a measurement for the total quantity of dissolved minerals in the water. Fish need these for growth and general health. Ideally, GH should be between 8-12.

Acid rain can lower the pH and sunlight can deplete the GH. Aqua Balance GH and KH Buffer Up will stabilise the water and maintain the balance in the pond, when used as recommended. 1kg will increase the KH by 2° and the GH by 4°, 1kg will treat 10,000 litres.

Directions: Use regularly to maintain carbonate levels. Mix in a container and add directly into the pond. The water will go cloudy, but soon clear.

Harmless to fish, pets and pond life. Wash hands after use. Perfectly safe if overdosed.
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