Fertiliser for Pond

Pond Plant Fertiliser Help and Advice

Boost the plant life in your pond

Pond plant fertiliser is designed for your garden pond and aquatic plants to stimulate lush growth and vibrancy. Find balls and tabs from leading brands like Tetra and Velda.

What is pond plant fertiliser?

Pond fertilisers are made up of a high dose of nutrients and trace elements. This concentrated measure accelerates and strengthens cell structure and as such, luxurious plant growth.

Why might I buy pond plant fertiliser?

Pond plants require nutrients to survive and thrive, and giving them fertiliser is one way to provide this. Our range of market-leading formulated plant foods will provide your garden pond with everything needed for the healthiest possible growth.

What are the main types of pond plant fertiliser?

Available as a liquid additive or in ball form, pond fertiliser can be simply added to your pond to encourage lush, beautiful plants. Velda Growth Balls allow you to deliver a shot of fertiliser straight to the roots, as the spheres can be pressed into the soil.

What accessories should I buy with pond plant fertiliser?

We recommend that fertiliser is used in conjunction with good quality pond soil, letting your pond plants thrive.