Pond Test Kits

Pond test kits help and advice

Perfect your pond water

In general, a pondkeeper looks after the water and then the fish can look after themselves. A healthy pond needs regular testing to ensure it stays that way. We carry a range of test kits that will help you to monitor the water in your pond, all from leading manufacturers and always at great prices.

What are Pond Test Kits?

Testing the levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH will ensure that any spikes are noticed and dealt with before they become a real problem. Test kits range from simple test strips and traditional liquid test kits to more advanced computer technology that constantly monitors the water quality and alerts the pond keeper if there's a change.

Why should I buy Pond Test Kits?

It's impossible to tell if a pond is safe and healthy unless you use a water testing kit. The easiest way to protect your fish and pond as a whole from disease, damage and degradation is through the use of pond test kits. Armed with a set of pond test kits you can identify and correct any issues within the pond before it becomes a danger to the inhabitants.

What are the main types of Pond Test Kits?

Test kits come in three main forms: liquid, test strips, and digital. Test strips are the quickest and easiest to use, but liquid test kits are also very simple. Digital water testing units are becoming very popular with more tech-savvy pondkeepers. However, as well as the type of test kit, you also need to choose what chemical parameters the kit measures. The most common things you'll want to measure are: ammonia and nitrite, as these are toxic to fish. pH is sometimes an issue, and nitrate and phosphate may be worth checking if you're experiencing algae problems.

What features should I look for?

You have two main options: purchase individual test kits for ammonia, nitrite, and pH, or purchase a master test kit that includes separate test kits for each water parameter. Test kits typically have a working life of up to a year, so do expect to replace them each season to ensure you get accurate results.