Sludge Removers

Pond sludge removers help and advice

Clear toxic sludge build-up

Fish and plant waste can build up on the floor of your pond and create a thick layer of toxic sludge. This can discolour the water, deplete oxygen levels and cause fish health problems. Good maintenance should keep this at bay, however using a reliable sludge treatment will quickly dissolve the waste and either send it to the surface for removal or to the pond filter for eradication. Choose from one of our top brands such as Swell's own, Blagdon or Oase and see your pond become clearly beautiful.

What are Pond Sludge Removers?

Sludge removers contain a high dose of essential bacteria which has enzymes that break down the muck easily for a much clearer and healthier pond. Simply add directly to the water or to the filter itself.

Why should I buy Pond Sludge Removers?

If you have a build-up of pond sludge, it will be hard to shift it without draining the entire pond or using a pond sludge remover. Pond sludge remover is easy to use and requires little technical knowledge to apply effectively.

What are the main types of Pond Sludge Removers?

There are a few different types of pond sludge remover that are designed to be applied in different ways including dissolvable tablets, bombs, solutions and balls. Each delivery method has slightly different strengths and weaknesses.

What features should you look out for when buying Pond Sludge Removers?

Ensure that whichever pond sludge remover you buy contains enough remover to tackle all of the sludge in your pond. Owners of larger ponds may find that they need to buy several of whichever product they require - each product requires a different concentration to be effective so you'll need to work out how much you need before making a purchase. It's also worth checking what else the product does, as it may also serve as another form of pond treatment, removing algae or balancing the overall pH of your pond.