Red Sea 4-Part Complete Reef Care

A complete and convenient care system for your reef tank

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  • Ensures optimal coral growth and vivid colours
  • Fewer bottles, less testing, same great results
  • Available in several different sizes
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What is 4-Part Complete Reef Care by Red Sea?

The 4-Part Complete Reef Care, made by industry experts Red Sea, is an all-in-one system designed to promote optimal coral growth and enhance their colours.

This system provides hobbyists with more convenience at no extra costs, using fewer bottles and less tests while delivering the same great results as previous reef care systems. It's available in three different sizes to suit small (150L), medium (300L), and large (600L) reef tanks.

What makes up 4-Part Complete Reef Care?

This multi part system is made up of four important supplements:

  • Calcium & Magnesium
  • KH/Alkalinity & pH Stabiliser
  • Iodine & Potassium+
  • Iron & Bioactive Elements

What does 4-Part Complete Reef Care do?

In most systems without a refugium, essential major, minor, and trace elements, as well as alkalinity components, are depleted in a relatively fixed ratio.

Since calcium is the key indicator of coral growth, this 4-Part program revolves around a single weekly measurement of calcium, which determines the dosages of all four parts.

This system is formulated so all four parts are used up at the same time. And if supplemented via Red Sea's ReefDose, you only need to set your calcium dose and ReefDose does the rest.

4-Part Complete Reef Care is chemically identical to Red Sea's original 7-part system and provides the same great results, just with fewer bottles for added convenience.

It's recommended that reef tanks with refugium continue using Red Seas 7-Part Complete Reef Care system to properly maintain all essential elements.



Product Part 1 Volume Part 2 Volume Part 3 Volume Part 4 Volume Tank Suitability
4-Part Complete Reef Care - Small 0.5L 1L 0.25L 0.25L 150L
4-Part Complete Reef Care - Medium 1L 2L 0.5L 0.5L 300L
4-Part Complete Reef Care - Large 2L 2L 1L 1L 600L
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