Red Sea Reefer 525 G2+

A deep, rimless, ultra-clear glass marine fish tank with cabinet

At a glance...
  • 423 litre rimless glass Red Sea Reefer G2 aquarium with matching cabinet
  • Skimmer, sump, mechanical filter media and pipework included
  • L:150 x H:55 x W:60cm display tank, 142cm total height

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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Red Sea Reefer 525 G2+ provides advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a full featured reef or marine aquarium.

What is Red Sea Reefer 525 G2+?

Red Sea Reefer 525 G2+ is a deep glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet in a black or white finish that fits seamlessly into your existing home decor. Available with optional LED reef lighting, this 423-litre aquarium offers extra depth and height for creating the ultimate reefscape and comes with a 3-year guarantee for total peace of mind. Measuring L:150 x H:55 x W:60 cm with a total system height of 142 cm, Red Sea Reefer 525 G2+ features many reef-ready aquarium systems including an improved water management system, a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea's outstanding silent down-flow system.

Key Features:

  • 423 litre marine tank
  • Dimensions: L:150 x H:55 x W:60cm
  • 142cm total system height
  • Fitted with 15mm ultra-clear glass
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 2 different colour cabinets to choose from
  • Optional ReefLED lighting kits that boost coral growth
  • Sleek and seamless finish
  • Marine-spec laminated cabinet made from extra fortified plywood
  • Features a silent downflow system

What are the features of this marine fish tank?

The Red Sea Reefer 525 marine aquarium features ultra-clear, bevelled-edge 15 mm rimless glass. Reefer is fitted with a marine-spec laminated cabinet made from extra fortified plywood. Additionally, the cabinet features stainless steel hinges and adjustable feet for easy levelling.

A professional REEF-SPEC sump and a mechanical filtration media compartment are housed in the cabinet keeping any unsightly Reefer reef-ready systems hidden. This ReefMat-compatible mechanical filtration compartment is removable and comes with micron filter socks and media cups to ensure crystal-clear aquarium water.

Reefer 525 offers optimal water circulation with dual side-facing return pump outlets and a comprehensive water management system. A large central overflow box hides all the piping and contains a large surface skimmer with removable comb parts for easy maintenance. For optimal skimmer performance, your aquarium water filters through the filter media before entering an adjustable height skimmer chamber.

The silent downflow system, which includes a new and improved high-precision valve and a larger rectangular inlet to the downflow pipe, is also housed in the overflow box. All pipework is included and comes assembled and glued, so all you have to do is put your tank together.

What’s included in the LED lighting kit?

The Red Sea LED lighting kit comes with a choice of three ReefLED 90 lights or two ReefLED 160 lights and a custom mounting system that fixes securely into the aquarium's back wall. This can be rotated upright to make installation, aquascaping and maintenance a breeze. The LED light adds a gentle shimmer to the aquarium and encourages coral growth and dramatic colouration. ReefLED lights are reef-safe and are easy to install.

ReefLED can be remotely controlled from your smartphone using Red Sea's dedicated ReefBeat app. ReefBeat allows you to combine LED lighting, dosing, and wave pumps, as well as filtration, into a single smart aquarium system.

This aquarium lighting uses a single, compact LED array with a multi-wavelength, 23,000 Kelvin "REEF-SPEC Blue" channel (a proprietary blend of blue, violet, and ultraviolet LEDs). With the addition of an 8,000K White channel, this lighting provides a reef-safe range of colour temperatures that enable all corals to flourish. Moreover, a dedicated 3W moonlight channel provides low levels of light for reef-safe viewing at night.

What is the difference between the G2 and G2+ Red Sea Range?

The G2+ models have a new and improved water management system called the Red Sea ReefATO+, which is a game-changer for maintaining the water quality in your tank. Additionally, these tanks come with extra fortified cabinets, which means they are even sturdier and can hold more weight than the older G2 models. The G2+ line is also ReefMat ready, which is great for anyone who wants to customize their sumps. And finally, they come with a 5-year extended warranty plan, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Display tank dimensions L:150 x H:55 x W:60cm
Total system height 142 cm
Total system water volume 540 l
Display tank water vol 423 l
In cabinet sump water volume 116 l
Ultra-clear front glass 15 mm
Ultra-clear side glass 15 mm
Bottom glass 15 mm
Cabinet included Yes
LED lighting Optional
Guarantee 3 year
Colour White, black
Palletised delivery Yes
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