Reef Zlements Trace Elements Rubidium 150ml

Improve coral colouration and skeleton hardness

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  • Improves coral colouration and skeleton hardness
  • Easy to dose trace element
  • Available in 150ml bottle
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What is this Trace Elements Rubidium 150ml from Reef Zlements?

This Trace Elements Rubidium 150ml is part of an extensive range of marine additives from industry experts Reef Zlements. It's an easy-to-dose supplement designed to improve your corals' colouration and the hardness of their skeletons.

How do I use this Trace Elements Rubidium 150ml?

It's important to first check your reef tank's rubidium levels prior to any dosing. This is best done with a professional ICP test. These tests will not only tell you whether your rubidium levels need adjusting, but your levels of other trace elements too.

In nature, rubidium levels generally fall between 180-200 µg/l. The full impacts of dosing rubidium in a reef tank aren't yet known, but maintaining levels of 200 µg/l has been shown to improve coral colouration.

To dose, add 1ml of rubidium per 100L of saltwater. This will increase rubidium levels by 5 µg/l. It's important to test regularly while dosing rubidium. Insufficient levels may reduce the hardness of your corals' skeletons.

What is rubidium and why is it important for my reef tank?

Rubidium is a trace element that's found in relatively high concentrations in seawater. Its effects on corals and other marine inhabitants isn't yet fully understood, though some investigations have shown that it can have a positive impact on coral colouration.

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