Reef Zlements Trace Elements Selenium 150ml

Improve overall coral health and protect them from oxidative compounds

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  • Improves overall coral health, including growth and colouration
  • Easy to dose trace element
  • Available in 150ml bottle
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What is this Trace Elements Selenium 150ml from Reef Zlements?

This Trace Element Selenium 150ml is part of an extensive range of marine additives from industry experts of Reef Zlements. It's an easy-to-dose supplement designed to improve overall coral growth and protect them from oxidative compounds.

How do I use this Trace Elements Selenium 150ml?

It's important to first check your reef tank's selenium levels prior to any dosing. This is best done with a professional ICP test. These tests will not only tell you whether your selenium levels need adjusting, but your levels of other trace elements too.

Naturally, selenium in seawater varies depending on depth and region, but it typically doesn't rise above 0.8 µg/l. In a reef tank, a range of 2-5 µg/l is more than adequate. To dose, add 1ml of selenium per 100L of saltwater. This will increase selenium levels by 2 µg/l.

As is the case with other trace elements, it's important to regularly test your selenium levels to keep them within an appropriate range. Too much selenium can damage your corals and cause their tissues to detach, while too little can disturb growth and reduce light tolerance.

What is selenium and why is it important for my reef tank?

Selenium is widely considered to be one of the most important trace elements, especially for SPS corals. It plays a vital role in not only promoting growth, but protecting corals cell membranes from oxidative destruction. This is particularly important for SPS corals as they tend to grow close to the water's surface and are therefore more exposed to high radiation.

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