Reef Zlements Trace Elements Iodine 150ml

Essential for growth and development of marine animals

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  • Boosts macroalgae growth and enhances Acropora colouration
  • Easy to dose trace element
  • Available in 150ml bottle
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What is this Trace Elements Iodine 150ml from Reef Zlements?

This Trace Elements Iodine 150ml is part of an extensive range of marine additives from industry experts Reef Zlements. It's an easy-to-dose supplement essential in the growth and development of all marine animals, from fish to corals.

How do I use this Trace Elements Iodine 150ml?

It's important to first check your reef tank's iodine levels prior to any dosing. This is best done with a professional ICP test. These tests will not only tell you whether your iodine levels need adjusting, but your levels of other trace elements too.

In nature, iodine concentrations vary a lot, but it's widely agreed that 60 µg/l is an optimal level for a reef tank. To dose, add 1ml of Iodine per 100L of saltwater. This will increase Iodine levels by 100 µg/l.

Iodine can be removed from your aquarium very quickly, so dose regularly to keep your levels within an appropriate range. Make sure you also test regularly to avoid overdosing; too much iodine can cause darkening of your corals and uncontrolled algae growth.

What is Iodine and why is it important for my reef tank?

Iodine is a trace element that's essential in the growth and development of almost all marine organisms. It can stimulate the growth of macroalgae, tunicates and sponges, and it's used by corals for several important metabolic processes.

Iodine is also essential for maintaining the overall health of marine organisms. An Iodine deficiency in your reef tank can make corals sensitive to parasites, crustaceans unable to moult, and fish more susceptible to disease.

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