Reef Zlements Trace Elements Molybdenum 150ml

Enhance diverse colouration in corals

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  • Improves coral colouration and facilitates enzymatic processes
  • Easy to dose trace element
  • Available in 150ml bottle
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What is this Trace Elements Molybdenum 150ml from Reef Zlements?

This Trace Elements Molybdenum 150ml is part of an extensive range of marine additives from industry experts Reef Zlements. It's an easy-to-dose supplement designed to facilitate several important enzymatic processes. It also improves coral colouration.

How do I use this Trace Elements Molybdenum 150ml?

It's important to first check your reef tank's molybdenum levels prior to any dosing. This is best done with a professional ICP test. These tests will not only tell you whether your chromium levels need adjusting, but your levels of other trace elements too.

In seawater, molybdenum levels vary between 10-12 µg/l. This is the recommended range that reefkeepers should try to maintain in their reef tanks.

To dose, add 1ml of molybdenum per 100L of saltwater. This will increase molybdenum levels by 2 µg/l. As is the case with other trace elements, it's important to test regularly while dosing molybdenum to avoid accidentally overdosing your system.

What is molybdenum and why is it important for my reef tank?

Molybdenum is an essential trace element involved in a variety of different enzymatic and metabolic processes. It also regulates copper toxicity for invertebrates and protects marine animals from exposure to high levels of light radiation.

A high concentration of molybdenum will help protect corals from light stress and the negative effects that typically come with it. If molybdenum levels are low in your reef tank, then you may notice poor growth and dull colours in your corals, as well as a decreased resistance to light stress.

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