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Seachem Reef Pack Enhancer

Seachem Reef Pack Enhancer accelerates coral growth and maintains strontium and iodide levels.

At a glance...
  • Provides calcium, strontium, and iodide
  • Perfect addition to Seachem Reef Pack Fundamentals
  • Enhance and accelerate growth in your reef system
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What is Seachem Reef Pack Enhancer?

The Reef Pack Enhancer is the ideal addition to the Reef Pack Fundamentals and will accelerate coral growth and maintains strontium and iodide levels in your aquarium.

What is included in the pack?

Included in the Reef Pack Enhancer;

  • Reef Calcium - Intended to maintain calcium in marine aquariums without reducing the pH.
  • Reef Strontium - Restores and maintains the strontium levels.
  • Reef Iodide - Designed to raise the iodide levels to a concentration found in natural seawater.
  • What are the benefits of the pack?

    The Reef Calcium will increase the bioavailability of the calcium and provides a source of metabolic energy which helps maintain peak coral growth and prevents calcium precipitation and the depletion of the alkalinity.

    The Reef Strontium is a concentrated strontium supplement designed for your marine aquarium that will help maintain and restore the strontium levels in your tank to the level found in natural seawater. This is ideal for tanks that are densely populated and require a large supply of strontium.

    The Reef Iodide will raise the iodide to the concentration found in natural seawater which is perfect for aquariums with dense populations of soft corals or invertebrates or for those tanks with aggressive skimmers. It is designed to supply your tank with a safe source of iodide that won’t convert to toxic-free iodine.

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