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Seachem Reef Pack Fundamentals

Seachem Reef Pack Fundamentals contains calcium and carbonates essential for coral growth.

At a glance...
  • Combines the products that are essential for any reef
  • Ideal introductory supplement pack for beginners
  • Provides calcium, carbonate, trace components, vitamins and amino acids
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What is Seachem Reef Pack Fundamentals?

The Seachem Reef Pack Fundamentals provides your aquarium with calcium and carbonates which are essential for the growth of your corals. If either of these are not present in the tank then coral growth will be reduced followed by a decline in health.

What does this pack contain?

The Seachem Reef Pack Fundamentals contains:

  • Reef Complete - Helps restore and maintain calcium levels
  • Reef Carbonate - Designed to maintain alkalinity in your aquarium
  • Reef Plus - Full spectrum supplement of trace components

The combination of these essential products in this pack make it ideal for beginners

What are the benefits of this pack?

The Reef Complete is a concentrated blend of ionic calcium which will restore and maintain the calcium levels of your tank. This will mimic the calcium levels found in natural seawater without affecting the pH. Reef Complete also introduces magnesium and strontium in amounts that are proportionate to the typical utilization ratios.

The Reef Carbonate is a blend of carbonate and bicarbonate salts which will maintain the alkalinity of the reef tank. If used as instructed Reef Carbonate will not reduce calcium, magnesium or strontium levels which usually become lower when the alkalinity is increased.

The Reef Plus is a full supplement that contains trace elements such as; iodide, bromide, molybdenum, iron, manganese, cobalt, potassium, inositol, chlorine, and many other important vitamins and amino acids. The replenishment of these elements is required to maintain an environment that is ideal for the growth and reproduction of life in your marine aquarium.

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