Swell LED Aquarium Nano Light 9cm

A tiny light designed for tiny aquariums

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  • Tiny clip-on light designed for tiny aquariums
  • Two lighting modes: Daylight Mode and Moonlight Mode
  • Flexible neck allows for a variety of mounting positions
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What is this Swell LED Aquarium Nano Light 9cm?

This Swell LED Aquarium Nano Light 9cm is a miniature, easy-to-install aquarium light that has been specially designed for miniature aquariums. It may be small, but with 24 white/blue LEDs packing into a 9cm-long lighting strip it packs a big punch, and an energy efficient one too.

What are the main features of this aquarium light?

This Swell LED Aquarium Nano Light 9cm has been designed with small, open-top aquariums in mind. It has an adjustable clip-on mount that helps it to securely fasten to your aquarium's glass, as well as a flexible neck that allows you to manoeuvre it into a position that suits you.

The light itself has two modes, which can be toggled between using the switch on the back of the light. Daylight Mode uses both white and blue LEDs to simulate natural lighting patterns, while Moonlight Mode uses just blue LEDs to recreate, you guessed it, nighttime conditions.

Is a dedicated aquarium light important for my aquarium?

All aquariums require some form of light, not only to help you see your underwater world, but also for the healthy development of its inhabitants. Lighting enhances a fish's metabolism and promotes their growth. It also helps in regulating their eating and sleeping habits. It provides plants with the energy they need to photosynthesise too.


Product Specifications

Product Light Length Plug Length Wattage Lighting Modes
Swell LED Aquarium Nano Light 9cm 9cm 145cm 2.5W Daylight Mode, Moonlight Mode
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