Swell Air Pumps Maxi

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Swell Pond Air Pumps Maxi are available to accommodate bigger ponds, still compact in their design they are simple and easy to install. Air pumps are an essential part of any successful garden pond as they keep the health of your fish and wildlife.


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Product Information

The Swell Pond Air Pumps Maxi provide essential levels of oxygen that benefit the health of fish, wildlife and general biological pond activity. Adding oxygen into a fish pond is very important particularly in the summer months when oxygen levels drop, but also in winter months as they prevent the pond from freezing over. After a short while of installing an air pump you will notice fish will become visibly more active.

These units are noticeably compact, built to last with an inside aluminium casing protecting the motor making them hard wearing and long lasting for your piece of mind. They are extremely quiet when running but still create big airflow ranging from 10L - 60L making them perfect for larger ponds. The maxi 600 model can run 2 large airstones or 6 smaller ones and the maxi 3600 can run a maximum of 6 large airstones (Airstones and Airline sold separately).


  • Includes 10cm of 8mm pipe, a manifold with 6 outlets and a brass hosetail (manifold not controllable)
  • Inside aluminium casing for motor
  • Extremely quiet in operation
  • Big Airflow and high air pressure for large ponds
  • Rubber feet for quiet operation
  • Recommended airstones: 600, 1200, 1800 & 2400 models - 50mm or half can
  • Recommended airstones: 36000 - 50mm, large can or 130mm disc (to run the discs the outlet manifold may have to be reduced to 4 outlets)
  • Silicone airline is recommended to use with this range of air pumps.

Product Dimensions Output Wattage Cable Guarantee
Maxi 600 19cm x 11cm x 12cm 10L/ Min 10w 1.5m 3 Years
Maxi 1200 23cm x 14cm x 15cm 20L/ Min 15w 1.5m 3 Years
Maxi 1800 28cm x 17cm 18cm 30L/Min 25w 1.5m 3 Years
Maxi 2400 28cm x 17cm x 18cm 40L/Min 30w 1.5m 3 Years
Maxi 3600 31cm x 19cm x 22cm 60L/Min 35w 1.5m 3 Years

*Please note any electrical pond equipment is not supplied with a plug due to UK Law and building regulations, we recommend wiring them directly into a switchbox.

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