Swell Black Lava Gravel - Coarse

A modern aquarium foundation

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  • Coarse black lava aquarium gravel suitable for all aquariums
  • Pre-washed, natural 3mm-10mm stones
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Professional quality natural black gravel aquarium substrate, sustainably sourced and 100% natural. Suitable for use in all types of aquariums where a dark coloured substrate is desired.

Comprising in excess of 96% inert basalt and granite materials our Bridport Gravels together with smooth rounded particle shape makes the gravel a ideal product for Marine aquariums, Tropical and Coldwater setups alike. The close grading of our Beach 49 Gravel ensures a uniform look, and with a signature lighter coloured granite fleck demonstrating that this is not a artificial gravel that has been coloured black.

The natural look of this gravel is favourable to many, match with some of our aquarium decor to really bring your tank to life.


Key Features:

  • Come pre-washed, graded and kiln dried
  • Mixture of 3mm -10mm sized stones
  • Non artificial, naturally coloured
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