Swell Black Lava Gravel Rough

A unique aquarium foundation

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  • Rough black lava aquarium gravel suitable for all aquariums
  • Pre-washed, natural 3mm-10mm stones
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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A beautiful aquarium substrate that will give your aquarium a unique look and help your colourful fish stand out.

What is Swell Black Lava Gravel Rough?

Swell Black Lava Gravel Rough is a professional quality black lava rock substrate that has been sustainably sourced for a 100% natural look in tropical and coldwater setups alike. As a dark-coloured substrate, with mixed-size gravel, this substrate stands out from artificial gravel and many specialist aggregates. This gravel is even suitable for marine aquariums where a dark bed or floor is needed. 

Why should I choose this black lava gravel?

With a signature lighter coloured granite fleck, this gravel demonstrates that it is the real deal and not artificial gravel that has been coloured black. The unique through-graded range of our kiln-dried Beach 49 rough gravel delivers a natural look that is exceptionally clean. Overall, the smooth rounded particle shape, together with an excess of 96% basalt and granite materials, makes this mixed-size dark grey gravel an ideal product for many aquariums. 



Average stone size 3mm-10mm
Brand Swell
Stone type 96% basalt and granite


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2116SS4KG 4kg
2116SS15KG 15kg
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