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Swell Flexi Hose and Clips Kit

Everything you need to hook up your pond equipment

At a glance...
  • Pre-made hose and clips kits for pond filters and pumps
  • Each set includes 5 metres of hose and 3 clips
  • A wide range of hose sizes to suit all water courses
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The Swell Anti-Kink pond hose is a favourite of UK pond builders, known for its reliability and durability. Available 'by the metre', you won't find a better pond hose for the same price, by miles. This tough black spiral ribbed hose is really strong and doesn't kink easily, so the water can flow through without the flow being restricted. The dimensions for this pipe is the internal size.

To get the best fit, we recommend using PTFE tape and attaching the hose securely using our wire hose clips.

The Swell Double Wire Hose Clips keep your pond watercourse on track by helping create a tighter and more secure seal between your hose and filtration units. These new style Eze-tight, Nickle-plated, non-rusting, double wire hose clips are designed to be used on anti kink (ribbed hose).

These extra strong clips will secure the hose, making your garden set ups watertight and unique.

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