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Swell Fungus and Bacteria Water Treatment

Pond fish disease treatment for fungal and bacteria infections

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  • Treats fungal growth in ponds
  • Reduces harmful pond bacteria
  • Treats 22,500 litres of pond water
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Fungus and bacteria is a quick and effective treatment for mouth fungus.

What is Swell Fungus and Bacteria Water Treatment?

Swell Fungus and Bacteria Water Treatment is a fast and effective treatment for pond fish diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. Safe for fish, pets and wildlife, this Fungus and Bacteria Water Treatment is equipped with an easy to pour cap and treats up to 22,500 litres of pond water.

What are the benefits of using an anti-fungus treatment?

Fungal and bacterial infections are two of the most common fish ailments that affect delicate pond fish. If not treated, these can disfigure and eventually kill ornamental fish. Fungal infections are mainly characterised by white or grey patches developing on the fish’s body and left untreated it begins to look like cotton wool fungus. The Swell Fungus and Bacteria Water Treatment contain a blend of several active ingredients to fight the onset of fungus and bacteria that can cause fin or mouth rot and other fungal infections. In addition, this pond treatment is designed to give you healthy and vibrant fish.

It’s very beneficial to add the Swell Fungus and Bacteria water solution to your pond just before winter. This will minimise growth and ensure a perfect pond and pond filter in spring.

When should this pond treatment be used?

Your fish could be developing a fungus if their immune system has been compromised by poor water quality, or if they have a parasite infection, so it would be best to test your water quality first, and then watch for any signs of a parasite infection, and treat them as needed.

What fish disease treatment is right for my pond fish?

If you are not sure what disease your fish may have, we recommend treating your pond with the Swell Fungus and Bacteria general disease treatment. If your pond fish have obvious disease symptoms, treat them with other fish medications aimed at exactly that.

Directions for use:

Swell Fungus and Bacteria Water Treatment bottle will treat 22,500 litres (4950 gallons) of pond water at a dose rate of 10 ml per 225 litres (50 gallons). Simply shake the bottle and remove the safety cap, squeeze it to fill measure and pour it into your pond. Repeat after one week if the fungus is still visible. Use no more than four times a month. UV sterilisers should be turned off for one day after use.

Bottle size 1 litre
Treats 22,550 litres (4950 gallons)
Suitable for All pond types
Fish safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes
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