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Get 10% OFF Swell own brand products with code: EASTERSWELL >

Swell Hydrometer

Measure the salinity in your aquarium quickly and accurately

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  • Reliable and accurate hydrometer
  • Tests for the gravity and salinity of sea water
  • One supplied
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Part of our own branded range, this useful Hydrometer is a key part of any salt water aquarium kit.

This compact device will accurately test for the gravity and salinity of sea water, so that you can be sure of the correct balance within your aquarium, for healthy fish, plants and corals. In reef systems it's recommended that the gravity should be between 1.022 and 1.025.

It also has a thermometer as the gravity levels can depend on the temperature within your tank, so you can monitor both features to build up the most accurate information.

Our own branded products compare more than favourably with other leading manufacturers and are always at a discounted price.

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