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Swell Planted Aquarium Nitrogen

A concentrated professional nitrogen fertiliser

At a glance...
  • Promote plant growth and accentuates leaf colour
  • Suitable for use in your freshwater aquariums
  • Good way to add nitrate and ammonia for your plants
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What is Swell Planted Aquarium Nitrogen?

Swell Planted Aquarium Nitrogen is a professional fertiliser that helps plants grow and makes their leaves greener. It is important to use the right amount of this fertiliser because too little or too much can be harmful to plants. If plants don't get enough, their leaves will turn yellow and they might rot. If they get too much, their leaves will turn dark green and algae will grow on them, which can suffocate the plants. The ideal amount of nitrate in an average planted aquarium is between 10 and 20 mg/l

How are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Nitrogen is essential for the growth of your plants
  • Enhances the colours of your leaves and allows them to become a deeper green
  • Make sure to add the correct amount as too much or too little will have a negative affect on the plants

How do you use Swell Planted Aquarium Nitrogen?

To use it, add 4ml for every 100l of water every 3 days until the nitrate levels are between 10 and 20mg/l. You can use it with other Swell fertilisers such as the Swell Planted Aquarium Root Tabs to get the best results.

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