Swell Pro Koi Health Plus Pellet

Koi food for positive immune health

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  • Koi food with added premix of vitamins
  • Enriched with propolis for positive immune health
  • Contains garlic to fight infections
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A rich and nutritious Koi pond pellet packed with vitamins.

What are the features of the Swell Pro Koi Health Plus Pellets?

The Swell Pro Koi Health Plus Pellet is a pellet food suitable for Koi and other community pond fish. It’s enriched with added vitamins including Vitamin E and a host of Vitamin Bs as well. Available in two sizes to stock up on, Pro Koi Health Plus Pellet is manufactured in small batches for optimum freshness. It offers a premium quality white fish meal that can be fed to temperatures down to 8°C. This Koi food is packed with propolis, garlic and beta-glucans as well as choline to support the immune system, boosting overall fish health throughout the season. Garlic also helps fight infections, wounds and ulcers.

Feeding guide

The Swell Pro Koi Health Plus Pellets can be fed from 8°C and should be offered as a small amount that can be consumed within a few minutes. More can be added if needed, but we recommend any uneaten food should be removed. During the peak of summer, Health Plus Pond Pellet food can be fed several times a day.


Ingredients list

Ingredients:White fish Meal, Wheatmeal, Fish oil, Choline, Paprika, Propolis, Garlic, Krill, Clay, Carotenoids, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Beta Glucans, Minerals

Composition: Carbohydrates 40%, Protein 38%, Ash 7%, Crude Fats 7%

Vitamins:Vitamin A 10,000 (IE/kg), Vitamin B3 1500 (IU/kg), Vitamin E 150mg/kg, Vitamin C 120mg/kg

Suitable for Koi and community pond fish
Size 2 kg, 5 kg
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