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Swell Pro Wheatgerm Pellet

A high-quality winter pond fish food for community fish and Koi

At a glance...
  • Complete fish feed for cooler months.
  • Includes key proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Can be fed all year round and reduces filter load
A brilliant choice for winter feeding, our wheatgerm feed always goes down a treat and is very easy for fish to process.

What is Swell Pro Wheatgerm?

Swell Pro Wheatgerm is a pellet wheatgerm fish food of vegetable origin designed for use in colder months. The wheatgerm pellets are made from vegetable protein extracts like soya and animal derivatives like insect meal and krill meal, to give your fish everything they need to get through the winter. The analytical constituents and nutritional additives of this feed have been designed to offer a balanced diet for all community pond fish, like Goldfish, and even Koi. The feed comes in a 2kg bucket, so you'll have plenty for your pond.

What are the benefits of Swell Pro Wheatgerm?

This highly digestible feed can be used year-round, and the analytical constituents offer the right balance of nutrition for both summer and winter. Instead of just stocking up for winter, you can enjoy the benefits of feeding your fish Swell Pro Wheatgerm whenever. This feed is particularly good for your filter as it reduces the waste your fish create which, in turn, reduces the load on the filter.

Why can't I use all fish food in winter?

During winter, when temperatures are lower, the metabolism of many fish slows down. This means that the fish are unable to process complex ingredients in the food they have consumed, which leads to very little nutrients being ingested. Feeds like our Swell Pro Wheatgerm, use crude fibres which fish can digest much easier to ensure they get complete nutrition during the winter months.



Brand Swell
Weight 2kg
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