Swell Stone Pond Liner Mottled

The perfect finish to any pond

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  • Mottled pond liner for edging your pond shoreline
  • Grippy stones create an easy to climb surface for pondlife
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all ponds
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What is the Swell Stone Liner Mottled?

The Swell Stone Liner Mottled is a rock-coated shore liner designed to give your pond a classic monochromatic finish and your pondlife an easy-to-climb surface. The liner has little stretch to it but will easily fit around corners and bends in your shoreline. This edging is even UV resistant, as the layer of stones protects it from the sun's light.

If I buy a stone liner do I still need a regular pond liner?

Yes, the stone liner is specifically designed for edging a pond and is therefore only sold in narrow strips to lay around your shoreline.

How hard is it to install this stone-faced pond liner?

It's not hard at all, this stone-faced pond liner has a grippy fabric backing so it will settle into place with ease around the edge of your pond without any adhesive while the coloured stones and fine pebbles should prevent the liner from moving in any weather conditions.

How much stone liner pond edging should I buy?

Unlike our pond liners and underlay, stone liner pond edging just sits on the shore of your existing pond providing a climbing surface for pond life so you should measure the length of your shoreline and then decide the width of stone liner roll you'll need to purchase to cover all pipes, cables and seams.




Material Natural stones
Colour White/black/grey
Liner suppleness None
Liner stretchiness No stretch
UV resistant Yes
Underlay included No
Underlay type Not included
Pond sizes Small-large
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