Swell Super Sun Mercury Vapour Lamps

A multi-beneficial light, heat and UV source for your reptiles

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  • Mercury vapour bulbs that offers heat and light
  • Features a full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays
  • Ideally suited to Tortoise tables
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Swell Super Sun Mercury Vapour Bulbs are a brilliant multi-beneficial light, heat and UV source for your reptiles, providing them with the vitamin benefits they would get from natural sunlight, including the essential vitamin D3, which is used by your reptile to assimilate calcium into their system for healthy bones, preventing the development of any skeletal deformities.

Exclusive to Swell Reptiles, the Super Sun combines light with heat, giving ultraviolet light (UVA / UVB rays) as well as infra-red light/heat to stimulate your reptile's appetite and encourage general activity, while also developing their brilliant colours. As with all Mercury Vapour bulbs, these cannot be used with thermostats, and should only be used in large enclosures, or open top tables.

This model is not suitable for use with a thermostat and is best suited to vivariums over 120cm/4' and must be suspended vertically. It is available in three wattages, 75W, 125W and 160W and should be used with a ceramic screw holder, such as the Swell Clamp Lamps. These bulbs will lose their UVB emittance over time, and should be replaced every 6 months to ensure the reptile is kept healthy.

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