Swell UK Callitriche stagnalis

The perfect addition to your aquatic garden

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  • Lush Callitriche stagnalis oxygenating pond plant
  • Looks fantastic throughout summer months
  • Suitable for full sun or partial shade
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What is Swell UK Callitriche stagnalis?

Commonly known as Water Starwort, Swell UK Callitriche stagnalis adds a natural, wild touch to any pond or water feature. Its delicate, star-shaped leaves create a beautiful texture in the water and make it an ideal choice for any underwater environment. The Callitriche stagnalis is a hardy plant that requires little maintenance and will thrive in most water conditions. Its versatility and low maintenance needs make it a popular choice for both experienced and novice water gardeners alike. Add some natural beauty to your water feature with the Callitriche stagnalis pond plant today.

Key Features:

  • Adds a natural beauty and wild touch to any water feature
  • Hardy plant that will thrive in most water conditions
  • Low maintenance so perfect for beginners and experienced water gardeners
  • Goldfish love the succulent leaves and insects will seek shelter in them
  • Keep in full sun or partial shade

How do I care for Callitriche stagnalis?

This is one of the few submerged plants active in autumn and winter. Goldfish are partial to the young succulent leaves and many insects shelter in their tangled masses. In fast-flowing water, the leaves are held below the surface. In still shallow water the leaves may protrude but a centimetre or two. It can be dropped in your pond as a weighted bunch but it benefits from being planted in soil. Keep in full sun to part shade.

Please note: Due to the seasonal nature of pond plants, we reserve the right to swap the plants in your order with a similar species.



Flowers Jun to Sep
Min depth 1cm
Max depth 100cm
Colour Green
Native? Yes
Growth rate Fast
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