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Fish Tank Week, PLUS get £12 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Swell UK N. Albatross

This aquatic beauty is a show-stopper in any water garden

At a glance...
  • Elegant N. Albatross lily pond plant
  • Looks fantastic in the late summer months
  • Suitable for full sun
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What is Swell UK N. Albatross?

This aquatic beauty is a show-stopper in any water garden with its large, fragrant white flowers and bright green leaves. Not only does the Albatross water lily add a touch of elegance to your pond, but it also provides essential benefits like reducing algae growth and providing shade and shelter for your fish. And, with its ability to bloom consistently throughout the growing season, the Albatross water lily is sure to be a standout in your pond. So, whether you're starting a new water garden or looking to add some wow factor to your existing one, the Albatross water lily is the perfect choice. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for medium to large ponds
  • Provides shelter and shade for your aquatic life
  • Helps prevent the growth of algae
  • Blooms consistently throughout the growing period
  • Remove dead flowers and leaves during the growing season
  • Place in the sun only

How do I care for an Albatross lily?

As it matures, the rich purple foliage of this elegant variety turns to an attractive green. The luxuriant flowers are brilliant white. This is a graceful, easy-to-grow plant, ideal for any medium to large ponds. Plant in still water away from splashing fountains. Lower gradually so the leaves can stretch to the surface within a few days. Remove dead leaves and flowers during the growing season. Suitable for full sun only.

Please note: Due to the seasonal nature of pond plants, we reserve the right to swap the plants in your order with a similar species.



Flowers Jun to Sep
Min depth 40cm
Max depth 90cm
Colour White
Native? No
Growth rate Large
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