Tetra Goldfish Weekend Food

Weekend fish food for goldfish and other cold water fish

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  • Compact sticks for feeding goldfish while you're away on holiday
  • High proportion of essential minerals and protein content
  • Healthy nutrition for up to five days
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If you're going away for the weekend, your fish can still be looked after with the Tetra Goldfish Weekend Sticks. Made from the finest quality ingredients, these sticks can be placed in the aquarium and will feed your fish for up to 5 days.

Unlike other holiday fish foods these sticks do not contain plaster, instead they are bonded together with 100% edible ingredients. The sticks will slowly dissolve, releasing food into the water. The Tetra Goldfish Weekend Sticks can be covered in a white fungus if not eaten within the time frame, this will not affect your fish.

Follow the instructions on the packet when feeding, overfeeding can pollute the water.

Product Information:

  • The sticks can be perfectly dispensed, and last for up to 7 days
  • With a high proportion of essential minerals and a high protein content
  • Hardened by a special production process without binding agents that are difficult to digest
  • Does not affect the water quality
  • Approx 10 sticks
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