TMC Next Wave Reef Guard Cover

Aquarium cover for TMC Next Wave Aquarium

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  • Cover guard to prevent accidental aquarium escapes
  • Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation
  • Keeps fish safe from accidental escapes
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A lightweight yet strong aquarium cover to prevent accidental fish escapes.

What is a TMC Next Wave Reef Guard Cover?

The TMC Next Wave Reef Guard Cover is a lightweight and sleek aquarium cover specifically designed for TMC Next Wave Aquariums. This aquarium cover is made of high-quality materials and keeps your fish from jumping out of your tank while still allowing high light penetration from your fish tank light. Additionally, TMC Next Wave Reef Guard Covers are pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

What are the benefits of aquarium covers?

Aside from blending seamlessly even on an open-top aquarium, an aquarium cover serves other important purposes. It prevents the fish from jumping out of your fish tank and also prevents objects from falling into the aquarium plus keeps curious pets away.

Product Next Wave 60 Reef Guard Cover Next Wave 85 Reef Guard Cover
Dimensions L:37 x D:31 cm L:38 x D:56
Colour Black Black
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