TMC Reef Skim 2.0 DC Protein Skimmer

A high-performance DC protein skimmer

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  • Built with the latest Reef Pump DC Technology
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Integrated air intake silencer ensures quiet operation
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What is this Reef Skim 2.0 from TMC?

This Reef Skim 2.0 is an updated design from TMC that uses the latest Reef Pump DC Technology and CNC precision engineering to create a skimmer that punches well above its weight. It has a compact, space-saving construction that makes it ideal for sumps with limited space.

The TMC Reef Skim 2.0 is available in three sizes, the 500, the 750 and the 1250. All three models, while suitable for different sized aquariums, come with the same features.

What are the main features of the TMC Reef Skim 2.0?

This TMC Reef Skim 2.0 is packed with great features that set it apart from other alternatives:

  • Latest Reef Pump DC Technology with variable speed control and feed function
  • Ultra compact, space-saving design with a small footprint for small sumps
  • Efficient cylinder body design ensures optimum water-to-air contact time
  • Unique integrated air intake silencer that keeps skimmer operating super quietly
  • High-performance bubble diffusion plate ensures uniform dispersal of micro fine air bubbles
  • Extremely low power consumption, cuts down on energy costs
  • Reef Pump SK, which comes included, is quick and easy to remove

The TMC Reef Skim 2.0 also has an innovative in-base water outlet design, different to other models. This allows water to exit the skimmer body through the base, increasing the air-water contact time within the skimmer and reducing both noise and the amount of micro bubbles escaping the body.

What is a protein skimmer and how do they work?

A protein skimmer is a piece of reefkeeping equipment that cleans your aquarium by collecting and removing organics, like fish waste, uneaten food and other debris.

It does this by injecting a stream of air bubbles into your aquarium's water column. These bubbles attract floating organics, which stick to them and rise to the surface forming a foam. This foam is then removed by the skimmer.

Without a protein skimmer, waste and other impurities can build up inside your aquarium and negatively impact your water quality. It's important to regularly clean and maintain your skimmer to ensure its proper function.


Product Specifications

Product Max Power Voltage Max Amp Dimensions Aquarium Size
Reef Skim 2.0 500 9W 12V 0.75A 109 x 109 x 413.5mm 250-500l
Reef Skim 2.0 750 10W 12V 0.8A 139 x 139 x 443.5mm 500-750l
Reef Skim 2.0 1250 20W 24V 0.83A 159 x 159 x 491.5mm 750-1250l
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