TMC products

For over 40 years, TMC has lead the way in providing ethically sourced marine and freshwater life for Europe’s aquarium enthusiasts, and because of the knowledge and experience gained in this time, Tropical Marine Centre products often excel at what they do.

Engineered to creating lasting effects in your tank, TMC have broken new grounds with ranges like their AquaRay and AquaBeam LED systems, and AquaGro Co2 systems that are possibly the best lifelines for planted aquariums every commercially created.

Easy to install and cheap to maintain, TMC equipment is a big favourite with Swell UK staff and customers alike, and if you have any questions or need advice on this brilliant range, give us a call on 0161 3514700. Our aquatics team are enthusiasts themselves and know a trick or two that can be achieved with these fantastic aquatic supplies.