Velda Heron Stop Spinner

The effective way to keep predators away from your garden pond

At a glance...
  • Spinning pendant to scare away herons
  • Comes complete with its own rod to hang over the pond
  • 1 m rod length
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The Heron Stop Spinner is a great cost and energy effective way to keep predators from your garden pond and save your fish.

The attractive deterrent comes complete with its own rod to hang over the pond. It spins in the breeze, causing the 'eye' design to flicker and help frighten away herons. The light reflects off the surface too, creating a shimmering effect and a great garden decoration.

Rod length- 1m


  • In case of larger ponds several spinners can placed on the water surface of your pond in order to achieve a stronger effect.
  • The Heron Stop Spinner can also be applied as a pigeon scarer, hanging on a nylon string, thus forming a decorative element.


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