Velda Heron Deterrents

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The range of Velda heron deterrents is still growing, with a mix of passive and less passive methods of predator control. At the most basic, Heron Stop Spinners and Brilliant Pyramids reflect the sunlight harshly, creating flashes due to movement which scare off most herons. In most cases, these will be fine, but do little against a cat or a particularly determined heron, in which case you may need to upgrade to other options within Velda’s impressive arsenal.

Their Heron Pond Guard detects the movement of predators in your garden, quickly deploying and flash of light, and a sound to scare away predators. A little more aggressive, it is still not harmful for the birds and cats, just enough to give them cause for concern, making them think twice about a raid.

Their Heron Stop fences are a more secure way to protect your pond. A wire fence like the Heron Stop (and its mildly electrified big brother) create a physical barrier against herons, and correctly deployed, against most cats too, preventing them from gaining access to your pond.