Velda Pond Planting

An expansive range, Velda Pond Planting features everything you can possibly need to establish a healthy planted pond, from oxygenising substrate to provide a healthy medium for oxygenating plants, to pond soil for marginals, plant baskets to keep your live plants safe, and even a few bonuses like floating plant islands, adding a nice natural feature to your pond that will change position depending on which way the breeze is blowing.

The benefits of a planted pond are huge, and Velda pond planting equipment features some of the best ways to achieve this. Planted ponds benefit from greater oxygenation levels for your fish, greater chance of fauna diversity by creating hiding places in and around the roots and stems, as well as a greater sense of natural beauty in your garden as lilies and lotus flowers bloom with colour.

At Swell, Velda planting equipment is always at the lowest prices, and we regularly despatch orders the very same day to most UK addresses, with thousands of customers satisfied by Velda products and a Swell service all over the country.