Velda Substrate

While many use an air pump, which takes up space by your pond and adds to your electricity bill, a lot of oxygenation can be achieved by adding Velda pond substrates to the bottom of your pond, like Superdensa, allowing the healthy growth and secure anchoring of a whole host of oxygenating plants.

Most of the oxygen on earth comes from the process of photosynthesis, where oxygen producing plants turn CO2 into breathable oxygen, and this goes for your pond too. But your oxygenating plants need somewhere safe and nutritious to spread their roots and flourish, and Velda substrates for ponds fit the bill just nicely.

Available in 10 litre bags, this sinking substrate settles quickly at the bottom of your pond, as well as in the marginal shelf you may have create around your pond’s border, creating a nutrient rich environment to develop a range of marginal oxygenating plants.