Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes

Specially formulated flake food for marine fish

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  • Large flake food for easy feeding
  • Promotes growth and boosts immune systems
  • Packed with high quality ingredients
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What are Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes?

Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes are a complete flake food for most varieties of marine fish. They're formulated to include key ingredients to support the immune system and maximise health and condition.

Incorporating all the high quality nutrition of Vitalis' regular marine flake, their Platinum Marine Flakes also include key dietary components designed to support the immune system and maximise health and condition.

These flakes are made large for feeding diversity. This enables you to crush the flakes to suit the size and number of fish in your aquarium.

What is Vitalis' Platinum Marine Feeding Strategy?

The Platinum Range has an enhanced formulation to include key ingredients which support the immune system and maximise health and condition. For best results use the Vitalis Marine or Algae diets with the Platinum range of flakes and/or pellets, in sequence to optimise the full benefits of Vitalis' diets.

Feed your preferred flake or pellet diet for four weeks and then for two weeks switch to the Platinum version of the diet before reverting back to repeat the cycle. For mixed species tanks containing omnivores and herbivores use Vitalis Algae Flakes or Pellets throughout the cycle.

The Platinum product range is ideal for use during quarantine and times of stress such as when medicating. It can also be used prior to anticipated stress; for example, two weeks prior to transport.

How do I feed Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes?

Offer your fish a pinch of Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes once or twice a day, and only as much as they can eat in five minutes. Increase or decrease the size of your pinch depending on the number and size of fish in your aquarium. Always remove uneaten fish food to prevent it from breaking down and polluting your water column.

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