Zoo Med Betta Plant Bamboo

A soft leafy Bamboo plant for Bettas to hide and play in

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  • Artificial Bamboo plant for Betta aquariums
  • Soft design to protect delicate Bettas
  • Suction cup included for easy installation
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An exotic addition to any Betta bowl that has been designed to be soft and safe for Bettas.

What is a Zoo Med Betta Plant Bamboo?

The Zoo Med Betta Plant Bamboo has been created to be the ideal choice for Betta bowls and tanks. This Bamboo plastic plant is soft and smooth to ensure there is nothing to snag or harm your Bettas, a common problem with other aquarium ornaments. The Bamboo plant looks brilliant and comes with a built-in suction cup, so you can build a fixed natural highlight in any nano tank or Betta bowl.

What else should I buy for my Betta bowl?

You can pick up a range of accessories alongside your Betta plants for your Betta aquarium. We stock a lot of Zoo Med Betta products, such as the Zoo Med Betta Exercise Mirror, Zoo Med Betta Leaf Hammock and Zoo Med Betta Floating Log. Each of these products has been designed and tested to help exercise your Betta's natural hiding behaviours. We also stock Fritz Dark Water Treatment which creates the ideal water chemistry for Bettas by lowering the ph and releasing tannins into the water.



Brand Zoo Med
Suction cup? Yes
Style Bamboo
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