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AI Blade Refugium

Target macrolagae growth and help boost natural biological filtration

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  • Ideal for marcoalgae growth, to boost biological filtration
  • Boost macroalgae with the perfect red and blue spectrum
  • IP66 waterproof rated, with 95 degree lighting range
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What is the AI Blade Refugium?

The AI Blade Refugium brings the latest AI lighting to your aquarium with the spectral range to target macrolagae growth, helping to boost your natural biological filtration.

  • 12” length with 24 LEDs for a targeted horticultural spectrum for marcoalgae growth
  • IP66 water rated, for safe long-term use
  • myAI app control for iOS and Android
  • 95 degree lighting spread with EdgeField Optics for even PAR and smooth colour mixing
  • Silent operation with passive cooling so no need for fans
  • Mounting included, with other mounting options also available separately

What are the benefits of the AI Blade Refugium?

The AI Blade Refugium contains 24 LEDs which deliver a highly targeted spectral range of reds and blues that is perfect for marcoalgae growth. Controlled with the myAI app on iOS or Android devices, in the Refugium Blade, you’ll find;

  • 6 Red LEDs
  • 6 Royal Blue LEDs
  • 6 Cool White LEDs
  • 6 430nm LEDs

The sleek and stylish modern design looks great but also ensures the AI Blade cools passively so there is no fan required so it runs silently. At only 1.6cm thickness, these really are sleek and compact.

Incorporating EdgeField technology, the AI Blade delivers an even PAR with a 95 degree spread of lighting and smooth colour mixing of the LEDs. This measures at 12.1” (30.7cm), and is only 2.8” (7cm) wide. 

The AI Blade Refugium comes with low profile tank rest mounting bracket, which extends up to 4.5” on either sides of the Blade. Further mounting options are also available though, including a Blade Hanging Set, where you can configure 3, 4 or 6 Blades to hang together. There is also an Elevated Tank Mount, raising your lighting higher from the aquarium, but still resting on the edges. 

The AI Blade is IP66 rated, meaning it has the highest protection against water and is built to withstand any humidity or splash back from your aquarium.



Model Length Width Height Power Consumption
12” 12.1” (30.7cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 20w
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