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  • Innovative and powerful wave pump
  • Controlled through the dedicated myAI App
  • Magnetic mount allows for perfect placement 
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What is an AI NERO 7 Wave Pump?

The AI NERO 7 is the largest and most powerful model in the innovative NERO wave pump range capable of pumping up to 15,000 litres per hour. This smart, compact, powerful and aesthetic submersible wave pump is packed with easy-controllable features.

Key Features:

  • High flow - up to 15,142 litres per hour flow (4000 GPH).
  • Compact design - 86mm diameter.
  • Fully controllable via the latest Bluetooth LE technology.
  • Works with myAI app (WiFi).
  • Can also be used in stand-alone mode using the integrated controller.
  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • Simple to create a custom schedule for your own tank.
  • Maximum glass thickness 20mm.
  • Includes slim magnetic mount and guard.

What are the benefits of this wave pump?

Standard propeller and impeller designs produce a hard stream of water often making it impossible to properly position your pump within your tank. The NERO 7’s pioneering design counteracts this problem by using an inverse motor and creating an adjustable broad flow all while keeping the pump small and compact. This design allows the NERO 7 to move large volumes of water and transport detritus towards your aquarium filter, preventing dead flow areas without blasting your delicate corals.

How do you set up the NERO 7?

The NERO 7 comes with a slim magnetic mount which allows it to be placed almost anywhere in your aquarium and its sleek cup design allows the pump to be angled in any direction for perfect positioning regardless of your set-up. This precise movement means you can direct the flow where your tank needs it most.

How do I connect the NERO 7 to my phone?

The NERO 7 uses the latest Bluetooth technology for instant connection to the myAI App on your phone or smart device, or alternatively, it can be controlled directly by its integrated controller. Three different flow modes are available in the app, which can be fine-tuned to give the perfect customised flow for your aquarium. Flow patterns can also be changed throughout the day and night, allowing you to have a calmer constant flow pattern during the night while your aquarium livestock rest and then adjust to a full energy random flow at the peak of the day, effortlessly imitating the natural ocean environment within your tank. 

What pump flow modes are available?

  • Constant Speed - A constant stream of flow at the intensity of your choosing.
  • Pulse - Uniformly alternating between high flow and low flow.
  • Random - Constantly changing flow pattern imitates a high-energy reef environment.
Dimensions W:86 x H:86 x D: 61.6mm
Max Glass Thickness 20mm
Flow Rate 4,000 gph (15,142 lph)
Recommended Tank Size 80-500+-gallons
Power Consumption Variable, 40W max.
Input 100–240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1A
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