Aqua One ReefSys 255

A stylish large cabinet and 255 litre aquarium combination

At a glance...
  • Stylish 255l aquarium and cabinet for all aquarium types
  • Built-in sump system for plumbing aquarium hardware
  • 90 x 55 x 53cm display tank, 133cm total system height

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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What is the Aqua One ReefSys 255?

The Aqua One ReefSys 255 is a 255 litre marine tank that comes with a matching cabinet available in 6 different colours, so you can pick the one that best fits your home. A true reef system can look stunning set up in your home, and the extra deep ReefSys Aquarium, with a depth of 55cm front to back, offers you plenty of room to really get the look you want. The extraordinarily low iron glass is of incredibly clear quality and the cabinets, which are manufactured in the UK, are of excellent quality that is obvious as soon as you see or touch them. The ReefSys range is a sleek and contemporary aquarium, perfectly suited for setting up your stunning Reef, right within your home. The extra depth of this ensures that you are getting a better volume of water in the space you have, and with six different cabinet colours and/or finishes, as well as 4 different size options should this be too small for you, then there is going to be the perfect one for you in the Aqua One range.

Key Features:

  • 255 litre marine tank
  • Display tank measures at 90 x 55 x 53cm
  • Total system height of 133cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 90 x 55 x 80cm
  • 12mm thick clear glass
  • Plenty of storage space in cabinet
  • Made with fantastic quality materials
  • Includes a built in sump
  • Modern and stylish feel, to fit right into your home
  • Push to open cabinet doors with a soft close mechanism
  • Includes a matching cabinet available in 6 different colours
  • Made with low iron glass
  • Large footprint and extra depth for a high water volume, ideal for reefscaping

What are the benefits of Aqua One ReefSys 255?

The ReefSys tank itself features clear low iron glass, giving you the clearest view at your hobby. There is an extra depth provided, front to back, for amazing reef scaping potential. The cabinet is a sleek finish, sitting perfectly with the tank, and is manufactured in the UK, with smooth push opening door and a soft-close mechanism too, providing you ample storage space to keep things as clean and tidy as this tank demands. Housed inside the cabinet is an innovative sump system, which provides you with complete flexibility, as you can adjust each chamber as well as the height of the water with the movable plexiglass baffles, so you really can get the perfect filtration system for you set up. The Aqua One ReefSkim Protein Skimmer will fit within it perfectly, and the supplied pipework incorporates precision date valve adjustment, with 2 filter socks polishing the water to an excellent clarity.

The tank measures at 90cm x 55cm x 53cm, with the cabinet added 80cm in height, totalling to 133cm in height. This does not come with any electronics, and will need filtration, heating, protein skimmer and lighting adding to it.

Cabinet colour options:

  • Boston Concrete
  • Grey Nebraska Oak
  • Natural Nebraska Oak
  • Pasadena Pine
  • Matt White
  • Black Ash
Volume 255L
Display Tank Measurements 90 x 55 x 53cm
Cabinet Measurements 90 x 55 x 80cm
Glass Thickness 12mm
Sump Included? Yes
Filter Included? No
Heater Included? No
Lighting Included? No
Palletised Delivery? Yes
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