Aquarium Air Stones

Aquarium air stones help and advice

Upgrade your air pump

Air stones help to create a decorative curtain of bubbles, enhancing your aquarium's appearance while filling it with activity. They also improve the aeration and circulation of aquarium water, preventing the build-up of toxins. Our air stone range features products from Marina, BiOrb and Sander.

What are aquarium air stones?

Aquarium air stones are porous stones that are attached to airlines and diffuse the air coming through the line from the pump. They prevent a stream of bubbles from being created and instead create different aeration patterns which allow air to reach other parts of your tank.

Why should I buy aquarium air stones?

Air stones create different aeration patterns which ensure that air is spread evenly throughout medium and large tanks. They are pretty cheap and an easy upgrade to ensure the comfort and happiness of your fish, making them a common first accessory for ametuer pond builders.

What are the main types of aquarium air stones?

There are a few types of air stones made from different materials like ceramics or even wood to create unique diffusion patterns, however, the most unique product we stock in our air stone range is an air bubble wall. Air bubble walls create a thick wall of bubbles that are both decorative and aerating.

What should I look for?

When choosing an air stone there's some need to consider the shape and material (as these will dictate the diffusion pattern of the air) but the main consideration is the design of the air stone. Air stones come in a variety of colours and materials to fit into almost any aquascape seamlessly so select the stone that's right for you and your tank.