Bogwood help and advice

Build a gorgeous bogwood aquascape

Bogwood is perfect for both cold water and tropical fish tanks. It adds a sense of depth and some unique character to any fish tank. Our range of aquarium decor, including brands like Aqua One and BiOrb, can help you recreate a natural habitat for the fish within your tank.

What is bogwood?

Bogwood is a specific type of wood from trees that have been grown in peat bogs and preserved from decay by acidic and anaerobic conditions. It has a particularly distinctive style and colour due to prolonged exposure to the tannins dissolved in the acidic water. Essentially, bogwood is wood in the very earliest stages of fossilisation.

Why should I buy bogwood?

Bogwood is a superb addition to many aquariums. Like normal wood, it offers shelter and hiding places to your fish but it also enriches the water thanks to the tannins held within the wood that will diffuse over time, giving the water a 'tea-stained' appearance. While you may find that your water requires filtration and some treatments to ensure the right pH balance is maintained, tannins are proven to support the health of many fish species.

What are the main types of bogwood?

Our range of bogwood features wood taken from all over the world, exposed to different natural chemicals, tannins and bogs. While each type of wood can be quite different, two of our most popular are Mopani wood and Sumatra wood. Mopani wood is naturally sourced from South Africa and has a distinctive appearance, while Sumatra wood is white and a little thinner, giving it a more twiggy look.

What should I look for?

Ensure that the bogwood you buy won't change your water quality in a way that affects the health of your fish. Check what chemicals each type of wood releases and ensure that you buy the right water treatment to balance out any changes to pH and promote the health of your fish.