Filter Floss

Filter floss help and advice

Protect your filter pump from debris

A common problem for aquarists is large pieces of debris or waste blocking or clogging their filter system. Filter floss protects your filtration system by acting as the first line of defence against damaging solids. Our filter floss range includes leading aquarium brands like Aqua One, Aquarium Systems and Fluval.

What is filter floss?

Filter floss is a porous fabric that allows water and small solids through it while preventing larger solids from entering your filter pump. It tends to either be set up before the pump or as the first layer of filtration inside the pump before the water reaches more delicate media. Filter floss removes the largest chunks of solids so it often needs replacing for fresh filter floss if it becomes clogged.

Why should I buy filter floss?

Filter floss protects your filter pump, extending its lifespan and ensuring superior filtration. While it does need to be regularly replaced, it's inexpensive and can be bought in large amounts that will last you through multiple uses. Filter floss is really easy to install and requires almost no expertise to install.

What are the main types of filter floss?

There are many different types of filter floss with different densities, but the biggest difference in the range is the forms the floss takes. We stock filter floss pads, wools and socks. Filter floss pads are designed to sit within your filter, like any other filter media. Filter floss wool is similar to cotton wool and can be inserted into your filtration system before your filter pump. Filter floss socks are placed over a section of piping either before or after your filter pump as an added layer of filtration.

What should I look for?

There isn't too much to think about with filter floss but if you're buying pads or socks you may want to check that they will fit in your filter or pipework. We also recommend buying multiple pads, pieces of wool and socks so you can instantly replace them when necessary.