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Spend and Save up to £18 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Calcium Reactors

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Help and advice on shopping for: Calcium Reactors

Give your tank a perfect calcium content

Calcium reactors eliminate the constant need to test levels and dose treatments as the reactors can be used to keep levels at their optimum range. We have a wide range of calcium reactors from leading manufacturers such as Deltec and TMC.

What are calcium reactors?

Alkalinity is balanced in marine and reef aquariums thanks to calcium reactors. Carbon dioxide is injected into a chamber containing saltwater and calcium-rich media to produce an acidic solution. Carbon dioxide lowers the pH slightly by forming a carbonic acid-rich solution that dissolves calcium. Then it's taken back to the reef aquarium. Corals and other reef life use the calcium-rich water that results.

Why might I buy a calcium reactor?

Corals (particularly hard corals) remove the calcium to grow, so it helps replenish the calcium level (and the level of related minerals). Corals and other organisms in reef tanks reduce alkalinity and it needs to replenish that for colourful, healthy, growing tanks. The benefit to the reefkeeper though is that it's cheaper and easier than dosing via bottles of liquid calcium additives.

What are the main types of calcium reactors?

When looking for a new reactor, one of the key things to look for is high quality and high performance. With the TMC REEF-Reactor, you get both. The advanced calcium reactor offers high quality and high performance, whilst having a compact, space-saving design with an integral pump, CO2 bubble counter and pH probe holder. The integral bubble counter enables easy, measurable doing of CO2 to the calcium reactor. All units are designed to sit inside or alongside a sump.

What accessories should I buy with a calcium reactor?

Most calcium reactors are not supplied with calcium carbonate media. Prepared for action, Caribsea A.R.M is a superb aquatic reactor media that features numerous chemical benefits for your tank, ensuring you get the best water quality possible.