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Dosing Pumps

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Help and advice on shopping for: Dosing Pumps

Perform carefully controlled water changes

Dosing pumps are designed to service complex reef aquariums. They slowly feed chemicals and minerals into the water over time to avoid large swings in the water's chemistry, which could cause health problems among your fish population. Our range of dosing pumps features high-end marine brands including D&D, Red Sea and TMC.

What is a dosing pump?

A dosing pump is a pump that can be used to supply small amounts of chemicals and minerals into a water tank over time, ensuring that it's properly mixed and doesn't cause a rapid swing in the chemical makeup of the water. Typically dosing pumps are used for the addition of kalkwasser (lime water) solutions that help increase kH (alkalinity), as this decreases when hard corals extract it from the water.

Why should I buy a dosing pump?

Only aquarium specialists should really consider dosing pumps as they tend to only be necessary for the most complex reef aquariums. However, if you have several treatments planned for your tank and need them slowly added to the water, a dosing pump may be a good solution to protect both your fish and tank as a whole.

What are the main types of dosing pumps?

While there aren't really different types of dosing pumps there are a few differences in our range, the biggest being the number of different reservoirs the pumps can draw upon. Some of our dosing pumps can draw from as many as four different reservoirs at the same time, allowing you to administer four different chemical treatments with different automatic frequencies.

What should I look for?

When buying a dosing pump, check that it's compatible with your current setup and can dispense the amount of each chemical you require in a single ejection. Some dosing pumps are designed for smaller tanks and so will have a smaller maximum ejection size, while others are designed for large tanks and will have a larger maximum ejection size.