Holiday Foods

Holiday Fish Food Help and Advice

The ideal way to feed your fish while you're away

Holiday fish food provides your fish with an optimum and reliable food supply while you're on holiday and lasts for up to 14 days, depending on the size of your aquarium and the number of fish. At Swell UK you can find feeding blocks and more from top brands like Tetra and FishScience.

What is holiday fish food?

Holiday fish food are dissolvable food blocks and sticks that can be used as a slow feeder or supplementary food while you're away from home. They contain a patented formula for a healthy immune system, energy and vitality.

Why should I buy holiday fish food?

When you go on holiday, there's no need to worry about your fish. With the help of fish feeders, you don't need to rely on your neighbours, who may overfeed the fish. The Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit has two chambers so that you aren't limited to just one type of food. You simply programme it to disperse the food at intervals, so that your fish are fed but the tank is not over polluted. We also have specially formulated holiday foods that can be placed in your tank before you go away and eaten as needed. They include a variety of nutrients to ensure health and well being. Tetra Holiday Sticks, take a while to dissolve, giving your fish chance to eat them over time.

What features should I look out for?

Once you know how long you will be away, it's a case of getting into your fish's specific needs. A high proportion of essential minerals and protein will ensure healthy nutrition of fish so that will be something to look out for. Blocks that slowly dissolve and release the specially formulated food for your fish to consume will also be beneficial as they will not cloud the water in your tank.